Saturday, January 6, 2007

Lace Hurts!

Hello Knitsters. A Happy New Year to all! I guess a post is long overdue since the last one.

So, look at this picture and tell me what you see.

Click to enlarge to see a very very sharp Size 3 US Knit Picks circular needle and my poor dried out, calloused, chapped finger in a band aid because this needle literally poked a hole in my finger! I’ll spare showing you the puncture wound itself, but it looks like I got bit by a snake.

Injury or no injury, these needles are AWESOME!! I’ve been in search for a needle sharp enough for lace and I think I have found it! A new favorite, and inexpensive too.

But alas, no matter how sharp the needles are, if you suck at knitting, you suck at knitting. The pictures below are shots of the bad knitting aftermath of the Sampler Stole.
Let’s just put it this way, I bought a new ball of crochet cotton as waste yarn for the provisional cast on and now I only have half a ball left! That’s how many times I cast on and ripped cast on and rip. OCD indeed!!

Anyways, it would be misleading to say that I didn’t make any progress at all. According to the spreadsheet found here, I’ve done 5% of the stole. (Check out my progress bar! I love playing with it!) But I’ll post a picture when the stole has more meat on its bones. For now, process pics.