Friday, December 8, 2006


Ok, I realized that I was such a tease in my last post. Martha from Pittsburgh calls it yarn porn. LOL!

Details. I found a secret little shop tucked away in a La Porte, Texas, not far from where I work. Disguised as a weaving shop, she does sell some knitting stuff. The gorgeous red ball you see is non other than Jaggerspun Zephyr in the Ruby colorway. A yummy 1500 yards of it. Hopefully, in delirium to make this:

Rough start you guys. I’m not even going to post the picture of my pathetic attempt. I’m running into a couple of issues that I’d like to talk about.

First of all, I’ve never knitted with yarn as thin as the Zephyr. I was assured by Laura that Zephyr is indeed a very good and popular lace yarn. For now, all I know that it is wonderfully soft and smooth to knit with. But I still need to get used to the tension and handling of such a thin thread.

The second problem is the complexity of the pattern. The stole is garter lace with true lace patterning on every row. Not easy to fix a boo boo. All I can say is life lines!

The third and main problem is needle size and needle brand. I can’t seem to find a needle that will perform these lace maneuvers comfortably, especially knitting together a knit stitch with a yarn over.

Addi Turbos are blunt as hell and totally out of the question. Don’t even get me started on Crystal Palace Circulars. The tips are average but the join totally SUCK! It’s some sort of weird ball join. The Inox was satisfactory. I actually really love my Inox, but I could use something sharper.

Being the internet whore I am, I think that there are 2 others out there that might work. The new KnitPicks circulars and the new Bryspun Circulars. What do you all think?

The problem I have with them are availability. I placed an order with KnitPicks and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO GET HERE!!! I can’t even find anywhere in Houston that sells Bryspun circulars. And where do I have to get them? Online, and I have to WAIT for them too! The closest thing that I have is some Bryspun straights. Will these tips work?

In conjunction with needle brand, is the problem of needle size. What do you use for Zephyr? I’ve read that people use anywhere from 1 US (2.5mm) to 5 US (3.75mm). I started off with 2 US but couldn’t get the lace pattern right. The 3 US are in the mail and the rest of my needles are too blunt. Looks like I’m stuck this weekend. All the yarn but nothing to knit with.

I better go to bed. Sweet dreams ya’ll.